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    On the flip side, I could draft a guy in the 6th around who’s a 57 complete, but has celebrity dev trait, and he progresses to a 85 overall over the duration of a year or two and all a sudden he’s a big time gem I was fortunate to Madden 21 coins draft. I hate knowing that is play Haskins and he will accumulate XP and progress the same in every single franchise I do. That’s so boring. But on PC, with a development mod, every dynasty differs. Haskins may progress to a 92 in one franchise, he might be a 77 in the other and never get much better.

    You have a vague notion of but nothing is guaranteed and it literally is different every single franchise. And for the men and women who want some impact on a gamers development, you can still update their dev traits plus they get a chance to have their prospective shift for the better. When I was at EA and had control of franchise mode, I’d develop a development system where every player had a potential that was vague and dynamic like the mod.

    It is not guaranteed, although haskins may have a B potential which means he’s a great chance of getting an 80s ovr QB. He can never even reach 80, he’s got a opportunity but odds lean towards somewhere in the 80s. However, players may still choose a handful of players each offseason to put through drills and based on their performance from the drills, the players gained progression that is extra. This allows for variability in each franchise mode, but allows for consumers to have an impact on their own player development.

    Like one instance is annually 3 every single participant is 80+ general and wants a maximum deal in FA. But even then they introduced sliders to adapt at least some of that stuff what I’m bitching about. It is light years ahead of madden. It’s my only complaint too with my own league.

    With that being said, it’s still a million light years ahead of Madden. What I do is every other year I lessen their worst contract to the minimum and go through each group…which is a unholy pain in the bum but it. Last game has been Negative on Steam launch, and it’s mixed. Pretty sure it has deserved rating considering what reviews say about this game and the way that it can be”casino using a little bit of basketball inside”, which I do not doubt is true. But, despite that, game has fairly great”franchise” mode.

    Basketball excepted, Madden and FIFA make the maximum money from any sports titles and have the franchise styles. NHL’s franchise mode has an okay Create-A-Team attribute but they’re stuck using the Exact Same stock logos ( many equal to Madden! ), you can not create the jerseys or ice look authentic to the NHL so everything just comes across as half-assed in comparison.

    A Couple of buy Madden nfl 21 coins questions from a returning player

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