Adelina Avdiu

Chief Analyst


Office: 732-490-7301


10+ years leading marketing research consulting and advanced analytics on behalf of Fortune 500 client companies.  Developed and managed successful quantitative and syndicated research products, systems, and projects that created business opportunities and met a wide range of client needs across various categories.  Actively directed design, execution, reporting and analysis for hundreds of client projects covering marketing and brand strategy, customer value, acquisition, retention, service experience, communications assessment, contact optimization, performance tracking, and incentive compensation.  Served as the lead social scientist, concurrently guiding over 70 internal and client-side analysts and managers.  Solid track-record for delivering actionable research to clients and profitability to the company.


Master’s in Applied Social Science Research (Psychology), Univ. Wisconsin-Stout, 3.9 GPA (2006); B.S. in Psychology from Univ. Oklahoma (2004); SPSS expert with advanced training in Modeling, Data Mining, Regression, Conjoint and Segmentation.

Current Position

Ms. Avdiu leads the Advanced Analytics Team at DGC Group. This consulting firm handles clients on a highly selective basis. Her assignments involve extensive analysis, data profiling, statistical interrogation, pattern recognition, propensity modeling and forecasting.

Prior Position

Ms. Avdiu led the Research & Analysis Team at TARP Worldwide, a venerated 40+ year old company recognized by Tom Peters as “perhaps America’s premier customer service research firm.” She has responsibility for the effectiveness, quality and profitability of all TARP quantitative research projects, trackers, data analysis and modeling. She hires, trains and leads a dedicated team of statistical analysts while supporting research project managers, directors, and officers. She serves on the management team shaping the firm’s product strategy while improving company productivity
2007 – 2013

  • Oversees concurrent execution of 50+ projects; involved throughout project lifecycle, including: (1) getting the business (strategy, design, estimating, proposal); (2) execution (client engagement, project management, sampling science and prep, questionnaire construction, quotas, weighting, reporting and analysis plan); (3) deliverables (interpreting results, shaping “the story” and presentations); (4) after-work (client satisfaction, cross-selling, post-mortem, project profitability)
  • Created, introduced and manages three new product lines: (1) KD/Factor Scores defines service priorities and tracks performance; (2) Propensity Models are rigorously built from hundreds of variables that direct strategies and resources for acquisition and renewal; (3) Incentive Compensation Tools provide assessment, simulator models, program design and execution that direct over $100MM across multiple clients driving performance among thousands of contractors and employees. These high margin products have played a significant role in growing profits and adding millions to fee sales.
  • Critical role improving employee productivity by defining and driving new processes, directing disciplined QA and by integrating more technology and automation. Her efforts helped the company raise revenue per employee from below CASRO averages before 2009 to productivity that is 33% higher than CASRO averages over the last 40 months; specifically, her analysts generate 2X the industry average in revenue per employee.
  • Plays a key role with major clients where her own “brand” is infused with research expertise, concise communications, pragmatism, agility, innovation and a passion for actionable deliverables.

Before: Ms. Avdiu began her professional career as Research Analyst with the National Safety Council. During her 18 months she made a big impact by working hard and confidently bringing fresh approaches to syndicated reporting and benchmarking. She was known for handling multiple work-streams, unpredictable deadlines and for delivering meaningful insights to clients.
2006 – 2007

At Grad School, Ms. Avdiu held two Teaching Assistant positions and was employed as Research Assistant to the Vice President. 2004 – 2006