We believe inspiration is far more powerful than intimidation. Deep down we all want to win. We all want to show our boss whose boss. The right incentive structure which rewards and celebrates key behaviors can have enormously positive effects on your goals. One area we specialize in is creating exciting, innovative, and fun competitions out of metrics that would otherwise seem dull. We light a fire within each employee to WIN and be the BEST in the metrics that matter most. 

Key Driver & Root Cause Analysis

With the right data we can easily diagnose the major driving forces behind the results we have and the performance we need. With too much data it can be difficult to keep priorities straight. Having too many priorities is having none at all. DGC Group’s expert data analytics team uses state of the art algorithms and techniques to determine which data you should be paying attention to. Then, we make it easy to understand, readily available, and help you figure out the right behaviors to make a positive change. 

Consumer Profiling

Who is your customer? Why do they want what you have to offer? What upsets them or excites them about your offering? We have decades of experience in answering these questions. Through focus groups and surveys we can give you a better sense of whats going on in your customer’s minds. What shortcuts are actually roadblocks? What assumptions are misunderstandings? What weakness is actually your asset? Its easy to think you know your customer until you really listen to them. That is what we are here to help you do.

Merger and Acquisitions

Our experienced team members have experienced, guided, and been deciding forces behind key mergers and acquisitions. Let us guide you through your challenging transition. We can help you identify the obstacles you are bound to face, guide you though the alignment of your data systems, and coach you on how to work best with your new teammates. 

Survey Design and Measurement

We know surveys. The C.E.O. of DGC Group is lauded by many as the father of online market research. Our world is increasingly full of feedback, but what do we do with that feedback? Many companies struggle with choosing the right questions and interpreting the results. Our decades of experience in this field can become your asset in your next survey campaign. We can help you through the entire process from survey writing to data collection to data interpretation.

Our Proven Process Produces Results


DGC Group works with our clients to identify their needs. Much of what we do is about creating clarity. That begins with understanding and honing in on the right objectives.


Using quantitative analysis of survey and operational data we establish the key driving forces behind the numbers you want to change. We host focus groups, interviews, and workshops to asses qualitatively the obstacles and opportunities towards effecting the key driving forces.


After clarifying purpose, we work with middle management to better understand how to drive the right behaviors through coaching techniques, weekly meetings, and strategic development.


We believe in creating the fire from within not underneath. The right incentive structure motivates people and is immune to abuse. We carefully construct short and long term incentive plans. At the heart of these plans is leveraging the desire to compete and win in friendly competition amoungst colleagues.


We hold ourselves accountable to your goals, which is why we specify very clear goals in our proposals. We are constantly seeking harmonious relationships with our clients where we know we can be successful and the data can prove it.

Some Words From Our Clients

Thank you for creating the innovative campaigns that have driven our performance to record levels across 15 states in 2016.  You take such a spirited approach to these programs!  The DGC Group’s efforts have certainly inspired the teams to step up their performance because of these competitions.  Your “radio broadcasts” are so informative and engaging it is no wonder we get an eager audience of many leaders every time.  This whole campaign has truly opened up the communications between each of our 22 markets and the staff who support them.  We are looking forward to the next round more than ever!”

David Lang (Vice President, Automotive Services), Automotive Club of Southern California

Our sincere thanks to The DGC Group! We know you spent a great deal of time to help us.  You have done critically important work on this.  Your analysis has saved us a lot of money and helps us to keep our commitments to providers.  Your expertise and passion ensures everyone is highly focused on serving our Members.

AAA Club Alliance Roadside Executive Team, AAA Club Alliance

“You made a huge impact on Vonage business performance and strategy.  Simply, our market cap nearly doubled during your work with us.  You led the turnaround in our customer churn; you helped improve our marketing spend effectiveness and efficiency; you spearheaded new product strategies; you revamped and improved our marketing research, extracting insights and implications that enabled our B2B pivot; you gave us specific tactics and even great ideas that literally became product innovations.  Above all, you not only helped our focus, but the energy and passion you bring made the working relationship highly productive and fun.  Great job!”


Joe Redling (COO Vonage), Vonage